Uniq 11+ Tuition

Tuition moves online!

Despite the difficult current circumstances we are continuing to support students aged 8-16.
All of our courses are now being delivered online, providing an opportunity to ensure that young people continue to make academic progress. These sessions utilise video conferencing, thus ensuring that we are still able to have a high level of interaction between teacher and students. 


Uniq 11+ Tuition

We are now taking bookings for our Year 4 and 5 11+ courses from September 2020. Dates and details of these courses are now available on our website.


Uniq 11+ Tuition

We provide tutoring services for families who may be considering applications to grammar schools in Buckinghamshire,Berkshire and Middlesex, selective schools in Hertfordshire, or a wide range of independent schools in Middlesex, Hertfordshire and London. We also offer tuition in a range of additional subject areas as listed throughout our website. 

Uniq 11+ Tuition

New course dates for 2020-21 will include the following;

Year 5
Monday 4.00-6.00pm
Tuesday 4.00-6.00pm

Year 4
Wednesday 4.00-6.00pm
Thursday 4.00-6.00pm

Courses will take place in St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham, whenever possible. All courses are currently
taking place online due to social distancing restrictions. 


Uniq 11+ Tuition

Following our initial year of tutoring in 2017-18 we're delighted with the successes of many of our previous students. Students have successfully completed entrance examinations and subsequently received offers of places from Bucks Grammar Schools, Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools, South-West Herts Consortium Schools. Sutton Grammar Schools, London 11+ Consortium of Independent Schools, The Henrietta Barnet School, St Benedict's School and The John Lyon School. Each year this list continues to grow!

About Uniq Tuition

Our aim is to ensure that each individual that we work with will be given the best possible opportunity to develop their academic skills in a happy, friendly environment. We have recently delivered courses in the following areas;
Grammar School 11+ Preparation, Independent School 11+ Preparation, State Selective School 11+ Preparation, Independent School 14+ Preparation, Key Stage 2 English and Maths SATS Preparation, Key Stage 3 Mathematics, GCSE Mathematics (Foundation Level), GCSE English Language, GCSE Physical Education, A Level Physical Education.  

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11+ Courses

Both the Year 4 and Year 5 course will consist of regular, weekly sessions, which will occur throughout each school term and will be supplemented by holiday courses. 

Our courses are currently taking place online, via video conferencing. The scheduled times and locations for the courses next year are listed below;

2020-21 Year 4 Course - Ickenham
Wed 4.00- 6.00pm in St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham.
Thu 4.00 - 6.00pm in St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham. 

2020-21 Year 5 Courses - Ickenham
Mon 4.00-6.00pm in St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham.
Tue  4.00-6.00pm in St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham

A strong focus will be placed upon the development of literacy, this being achieved through class based exercises and an emphasis upon the importance of regular reading.  Additionally, we will develop the numeracy skills which can then be applied to the more complex questions associated with the Year 5 11+ course. We will work closely with each student to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for the demands of the specific 11+ test which they are preparing to complete. 

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Mathematics and English Language

We provide support for students wishing to develop their Mathematical and English language skills, this being available for students from primary school through to GCSE level. 



We work closely with each individual to develop the aspects of Mathematics/English which they find most challenging. Success in these subject areas is a key factor in determining the opportunities which will be available for young people after the completion of their GCSE examinations. 

Please contact us for further details.

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GCSE and A Level Physical Education

The written examination paper for GCSE and A Level Physical Education provides the majority of the marks which will determine the final grade for each student. We can provide support for students in the theoretical aspects of the course.

At GCSE level these include anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training, health, fitness and well being, sport psychology and sport in society.
At A Level these include applied anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, skill acquisition, sports psychology, sport and society and contemporary issues in sport.
Additionally, we can provide guidance and support for students when planning physical exercise programmes and analysis of sporting performance as part of the coursework requirements.

Please contact us for further details.

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“Simon is not just an 11 plus tutor, he is a tutor of the whole child. His unique ability to get to know his students enables them to achieve their potential.” – Parent

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

“Benefits of tutoring with Simon go beyond passing the 11 plus exam. He has had a lifelong impact on my daughters’ self-esteem and self-worth.” – Parent

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

“My daughter never wanted to miss a session with Simon and respected his honest and direct approach to identifying her strengths and weaknesses. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to any parent.” – Parent

“We would recommend Simon as an 11 plus tutor. He is a knowledgeable and experienced tutor and the wide range of materials he uses ensures that pupils are well prepared for the exam content.” – Parent

“Simon’s sessions were fun and useful. He helped me to prepare well for the 11+ exam and I am very grateful for his help as I passed the exams I took and I am looking forward to starting at grammar school in September.” – Student

“Our son enjoyed sessions with Simon as they were appropriately paced and provided both support and challenge. We are happy to say that our son far exceeded the pass marks for the 11 plus exams he sat and he is starting at our first choice grammar school in September. Thanks Simon!” – Parent

Course Tutor

Simon Connell MA (Ed), BA (Hons), PGCE

All courses will be planned and delivered by Simon, who has over 10 years' experience of delivering 11+ programmes. Simon has 20 years’ teaching experience, with this including time working in Buckinghamshire grammar schools and his most recent post as Assistant Headteacher in Hillingdon. During this time Simon has taught and delivered courses in a range of subject areas.


The ethos of the delivery of the sessions will be greatly influenced by Simon’s personal ethos, namely that young people will learn more effectively if they are enjoying their work and are enthused by the process. Students will be expected to work hard, this being essential if they wish to progress, however this will take place in a happy, positive environment, where all students will feel supported.

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Contact Us

 Please feel free to contact us for further information on any aspect of our courses. Our 11+ programmes are ordinarily delivered to small groups, however we do also offer 1-1 tuition. Our other courses are delivered on a 1-1 basis. Please contact Simon for further details.(Please note that all 1-1 sessions for 20-21 are now fully booked.)

Some parents may be unsure of whether their children will be suited to Grammar school and may be unsure of whether they will complete the 11+ (11 plus) test - In these instances we will still be happy to work with your children to help develop their mathematical and literacy skills. This will be beneficial for their long term educational progress and their SATs performance in Year 6.

Call Simon: 07905572310

Email: simon@uniqtuition.london

Venues for 11+ group classes

St Giles' Church Hall, Ickenham, UB10 8LJ

Kenton Methodist Church Hall, Woodgrange Avenue, Kenton, HA3 0XF

NW7Hub, Mill Hill Library Building, Hartley Avenue, Mill Hill, NW7 2HX

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